Collectible coins

Many ancient and modern coins, banknotes, medals and decorations from Switzerland, Europe, America and the world are available in our store.

We appraise, free of charge, your coins and all collections, which we can also directly purchase your collectibles in cash or sell through our auctions and internet sales.


Investment coins

We buy and sell all type of gold bullion coins as well as precious stones. The service is particularly intended for persons wishing to invest in tangible products.

The principal type of gold bullion coins are: Vreneli (6.45 g, Switzerland), Napoléon (6.45 g, France), Maple Leaf (31.10 g, Canada), Krugerrand (33.96 g, South Africa), 50 Pesos (41.60 g, Mexico), ingots (from 100 g up to 1 kg, Switzerland) and others upon request.


Diamonds, jewelry and silverware

We appraise and purchase diamonds, jewelry, and gold or silver objects.